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Colleen’s Book Corner: Kanan: The Last Padawan & Kanan: First Blood

Book Details

By Greg Weisman and Pepe Larrez

Published 2015-2016

Set during Season One of Rebels (circa 5 BBY) AND during the Clone Wars (circa 19 BBY)

Disney Canon

Colleen's Book Corner Continues - How to Avoid Rebels Spoilers

These two comic collections, Kanan: The Last Padawan and Kanan: First Blood, give background on Kanan Jarrus’s character from the series. Though the comics detail his time as a Padawan under Master Depa Billaba’s care, I would suggest not reading them until after finishing Rebels Season One or Season Two. Other Rebels characters feature in the story, and there are certain elements that might be spoiled if you read the comics before at least completing Season One. A character from A New Dawn also sneaks into the comics, so you might want to read that novel first, though it’s not absolutely necessary.

Detailed Delicious Dives Into Kanan’s Padawan Past, Including Master Billaba!

The comics shift from Kanan’s Padawan past during the Clone Wars to his present with the Ghost crew during the Rebellion. The reader gets to know Kanan as an inquisitive and able student, trying to find his place in a world torn by war. Be ready for some EMOTIONS once Order 66 occurs, as it always has to in Star Wars. Seeing how the clones assigned to Depa Billaba and Caleb Dume (Kanan’s real name) react to Order 66 is heartbreaking.

I love reading about any Jedi who survived Order 66, just to see how they managed without a Council for advice and protection, and this story did not disappoint. I enjoyed these journeys into Kanan’s past, because they develop not only his character but also the mysterious Master Billaba. It was fun to see this formidable lady Jedi kicking ass and coming back from intense physical and psychological trauma.

Conclusion - Would Recommend: 10/10 Lightsabers

The comic asks important questions while answering some lingering plot threads from the TV series. The art is beautiful and fluid, and the writing is true to characters we know and love. For any Kanan doubters out there, this might help shed some light on his personality and the choices he makes during the series. Either way, I would definitely suggest this series. Come join me in being angry that there are only two collections.

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