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Hello Nerdy Knights, and welcome to Bohemian Geek studies!


Like you, we here at BGS have an insatiable thirst for intellectual discussions about our shared favorite books, shows, movies, and art.

Meet the Team

Bio Pic, Anders.jpg

Anders Drew is a Software Business Analyst from Connecticut. He's a lifelong Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan who you will likely find at the beach.

Bio Pic, Colleen.jpg

Colleen McMillan is a financial planning practice coordinator and fiction author living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Besides loving Star Wars and other science fiction and fantasy works, she's also an avid beer enthusiast.

Bio Pic, Flo.jpg

Flo Siegel is an elementary school teacher living in Los Angeles, California. She prides herself on being French-American, a Ravenclaw, and mom to Charlotte.

portrait14, closeup.jpg

Sara O'Connor is an artist living in Richmond, Virginia who specializes in want-to-touch and want-to-taste paintings.  She loves querying and theorizing, even when she's not talking about her favorite stories. 

Will bio.jpeg

Will Li is a labor attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. He enjoys looking at art and literature from all angles, and always has a biscuit for when things get a little too intense.

Bohemian Geek Studies Oath

Nerdy Knights gather, and now our watch begins.

It shall not end until our deaths.

We shall take this as a way of life,

Hold each others' hands,

Possess the insatiable curiosity of children.


Intelligent discussion is our crowning glory.

We shall thrive and dive into one another's posts.

We are the truth-seeking horde in the face of darkness.

We are the readers on the rainbow.

We are the shields that guard the realms of fandom.


I pledge my life and honor to the pursuit of knowledge and deep understanding, for this night and all the nights to come.

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